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I know that this GIF is Elmers glue as in like the liquid glue but the story is actually about glue sticks and remember at the end a glue sticks and there is the purple glue stick they still make the purple ones and I remember in kindergarten you would think the kids eating a glue stick would be just like some thing that they tell you happens but doesn't actually happen some thing you see in the movies but doesn't actually happen in real life but no it's not kids in kindergarten really do eat glue sticks and I was in kindergarten a kindergarten class and I was five years old and the kid ate the glue stick and it was the purple one because that was the year the purple ones came out for the first time and everyone Like you got to get the purple glue stick can I get a purple glue stick I think I have the regular color because the purple ones cost more it wasn't till like one year I think I talk to my mom into getting me the purple one and then they kind of like on exclusively started like make it making the purple but then this is talking about Elmers glue because it was Elmers the offbrand ones don't make them purple and also so like kids can more easily see the glue when they're gluing that was the purpose of making them purple and they were dry clear So the kid really did it he's like I'm good it looks so good and like yeah I guess the purple color does look very appealing but it's freaking blue like how do you not know that you wouldn't want to eat that it's sticky and taste like crap and even I had students do that when I became a teacher so yeah glue
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