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I thought I would give everybody a bowel health update since I kind of left you all off on a cliffhanger on Friday about my new experiment to help me get things moving out of the large intestine in my body so I have a new probiotic drink that I tried Friday morning and then I slammed to Add diet Pepsi's in one day for a double shot of caffeine and then the next morning I had a morning diet Pepsi and did the little I also did the thing where you like sit properly it's like the position that helps things slide down so I was like sitting on the lounge chair upright with like my knees up and like all that while I was drinking a soda and I'm just gonna tell you all it was a major success and I mean that seriously major major then the next day I had another in the morning a you know I've had diet Pepsi with caffeine and major success again today I skipped doing a double shots I did one caffeine drink at lunch and tomorrow morning I will do the second probiotic drink and then slam and some more caffeine for a next day success we'll see how this goes we'll see if the pattern continues to be successful because maybe I've just found the new routine maybe this is it now I know it's only gonna be temporary because it always is in my body always adjust And then then everything gets ruined but at least for now it will work maybe crossing my fingers
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