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So I learned that Pete Davidson has a new TV show coming out on streaming I think it's going to be on Peacock so it makes sense because he worked for SNL and that's NBC anyway so it's gonna be called bub kiss and I need to Google that word so I know What do you mean or would it at least means Pete Davidson and it's supposed to be semi auto body I can't say this word semi autobiographical and he's pulling himself and I guess it's like him wanting to just live a normal life after being famous or whatever at least that's what the trailer looked like that I saw so yes do I need to go read more on Google yes I need to do more research yes do I need to find out what bobcat says yes In the meeting for him at least because you know I think there are words that people use and then some people have different definitions for those words so I don't know if it's like one of those cases or not because I feel like I've heard this word before but at the same time I don't know so I need to go see But regardless I like Pete Davidson is a comedian and his acting is good because he always plays himself in some way shape or form which is fine I think that's great I'd rather have people play parts that are their strengths than their weaknesses and And I think that's exciting I'm I'm happy for him but I do it miss him on SNL because honestly he was kind of carrying that show on his shoulders after a lot of the other really awesome people left I mean the app let me in yeah I said what I said so
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