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Stereo 101

What is Stereo?
Where is Stereo available?

How It Works

How do I create a profile?
How do I create or edit my avatar?
How do I start my own Talk?
How do I send a message on Stereo?
How do I talk with a friend?
How do I play a game on Stereo?
How can I share my Talks?
What are posts?
How do I reply to posts?
Why do invitations to "speak now" on a Talk come through as phone calls?
Can I have more than one Stereo account/username?

Trust and Safety

How do I report offensive content that violates Stereo’s Community Guidelines?
How do I report someone?
How do I block someone?
Who can send me a message on Stereo?

Trouble Accessing Stereo

I received a notification that my account was “banned”. What does this mean?
I received a notification that I have been “disabled”. What does this mean?

Account Deletion, Privacy and Policy

How do I delete my profile?
Who does Stereo share information with?
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