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Teens on Stereo

Welcome to our Teens on Stereo page!

Stereo is a platform that gets you talking – literally. By using your voice, you can share your perspective – and listen to others’ – about different topics through voice notes called Soundbites and live Talks.

We know that maintaining and promoting healthy conversation is important to keeping everyone safe on Stereo, which is why our team works hard to build age-appropriate experiences and enforce our Community Guidelines across the app.

Here you’ll find information for teens and parents about our app features, tools, policies and best practices to keep in mind so that you or your loved ones can have a great experience on Stereo.

We look forward to growing this section of our website over the coming months with new educational content and relevant updates. In the meantime, check out the resources below.

Find more information on Teen Resources and Teen & Parent FAQs

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