We’re Stereo — an audio-based social networking app that wants to connect and entertain. Social media is great, but lacks the ability to have ACTUAL conversations with other people, and we want to fix that.

Think about it — we connect in real life through talking, whether that be getting to know a new friend over coffee or listening to your favorite comedian on a Friday night. We connect and are entertained by talking and listening to others, but there’s no social networking app that makes it easy to have or listen to conversations in REAL TIME.

And that’s where we come in.


Tune in to conversations from your favorite users in real time, engage with them, or tune in to random broadcasts.


Start a conversation with someone you know or let Stereo pair you with another user to talk with based on your interests.

Have LIVE off-the-cuff conversations, meet new people, participate in fun challenges, or just kick back and listen to your favorite users.