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Community Guidelines

Last updated: 18 February 2021

The below Guidelines help outline how you can help keep Stereo a safe, interactive, and fun space to speak freely and interact with the community. Any violation of these Guidelines could result in your account being temporarily limited, deactivated, or banned. We reserve the right to monitor and report content to ensure the safety of the Stereo community.

Our Terms of Service are an agreement outlining our obligations to you and your obligations to us (one of which is to follow these Guidelines when using our Service). For additional information, please refer to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Stereo’s mission is to be an authentic platform for our creators to exercise self-expression and continue to grow a community where everyone can interact safely. We are working on building a community that can be an authentic and safe place for our users to exercise their inspiration, expression, and be able to speak freely. In order to be successful in this mission, please help us to adhere to the Guidelines for our creators and community.

Our goal is to cultivate an environment for authentic conversations by keeping incitement, phrases, or ideology that promote attacks on a person or group, hateful conduct, and harassment through conversations and accounts off of our platform.

We reserve the right to disable accounts that violate our User Guidelines and contain content including audio, image, and text that violate these Guidelines, including severe or repeated violations.

  1. Illegal Activity

    • When using Stereo, users are required to abide by all local, national, and international laws specific to their area.
    • Drugs and Controlled Substances – Stereo restricts audio that simulates drug use, conversations about the trade or sale of illegal substances or instructions to produce or distribute illegal substances.
    • Investment and financial schemes, and content or services that are adult in nature are prohibited.
  2. Harassment, Bullying and Hate Speech

    Stereo will not tolerate conversations or other content that encourages or incites violence, hatred or harm against an individual or a group of individuals on the basis of the following protected attributes or characteristics: age, disability, race, ethnicity, religion/belief, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy/maternity, marriage/civil partnership, national origin, or veteran status.

    This also includes not promoting hateful ideology or threatening or attacking others on the basis of these protected characteristics. We may disable your account and take down content if we see (or are notified of) evidence of harassment, bullying or hate speech. Conversations or streams that speak positively of hate groups, organized crime or any mention of slogans, symbols, salutes or names of individuals associated with certain groups are prohibited.

    Stereo prohibits all forms of terrorism or violent extremism, and the existence of accounts or use of accounts for the purpose of furthering, inciting or calling for violent or extremist ideologies or activities.

    There may be situations where we allow conversations or other content that refer to someone else’s hate speech in order to educate others and raise awareness. Other times, words or phrases that might otherwise violate these Guidelines may be used self-referentially or in an empowering way. In these instances we will examine the intention of the person making the statement, and shall decide, at our own discretion, whether to take down content, ban or disable an account

  3. Threats

    Threats to other users are considered criminal activity and can result in an account being disabled or banned. Any conversations, audio, or messages deliberately degrading or humiliating other users or encouraging those actions will be removed.

    Criminal activities cover a wide spectrum of acts punishable by law, including theft, assault, human exploitation, and other harmful behavior. Because we do not want such behavior to be normalized or imitated, we will take action on a profile that has a report.

    Examples Include:

    • Conversations or streams that threatens an individual with violence
    • Conversations or streams that wish death, serious disease, physical, or other harm on an individual
    • Conversations or streams that incites violence or coordinated harassment
    • Conversations or streams that sexually harasses a user by disparaging their sexual activities or attempting to make unwanted sexual contact
    • Conversations or streams that disparages a private individual on the basis of attributes such as intellect, appearance, personality traits, or hygiene
    • Conversations or streams that praises violent tragedies and disparages their victims
  4. Self-injury and Harm

    Stereo prohibits content or interaction among users that supports, glorifies or enables users to inflict physical or mental harm on others or themselves- for example, cutting, eating disorders, or suicide. We also don’t allow compulsive engagement with Stereo in a way that may negatively impact on a user’s mental health and wellbeing. However, we will allow users to talk about suicide and self-injury in a way that helps raise awareness about these issues.

    We encourage individuals who are struggling with thoughts of self-harm or suicide, or who know someone is seriously considering self-harm/suicide, to immediately contact local emergency services or a suicide prevention hotline. Visit the links below for more resources and hotlines near you:

  5. Privacy Infringement

    Content and conversations that reveal or threaten to reveal personally identifiable information without permission from the individual concerned are prohibited. This can also include audio streaming without someone’s knowledge or permission (“doxxing”). Such information includes:

    • Residential address
    • Private email address
    • Private phone number
    • Bank statement
    • Social security number
    • Passport number/Government Issued ID information
    • Private health information
    • Revealing the identity of undercover law enforcement officials
  6. Explicit Sexual Content

    Stereo prohibits explicit sexual content that is not for the purpose of education or discussion. You may not share or promote information (or synthetic or manipulated media) that is intended or likely to cause harm to any person or groups of people, including minors. Sexualized content can risk your safety and violate laws, such as triggering legal penalties in some jurisdictions and countries & causing harm to our users through sharing non-consensual audio (for example, private recordings shared without permission that have contain sexual content).

    Reports for this type of content will be reviewed and we will determine if a violation of the guidelines is present at our sole discretion. Also prohibited is graphic sexual content, profane statements, gore or other offensive content.

  7. Age Policy

    Stereo currently only allows users over the age of 18 to have an account to allow creators to express themselves and share opinions including mature content and discussions that may not be appropriate for minors. Any violation of this age restriction can result in a banned or disabled account. You must be aged 18 or over to use Stereo. When you sign up to use Stereo you will be asked to confirm your date of birth so that we can check that you are 18 or over. If you are not aged 18 or over you are not permitted to use Stereo.

  8. Spam & Misinformation

    Stereo prohibits the propagation of "spam," as well as the spread of or attempts to spread false information or news surrounding major world events, natural disasters politics, and medical advice (Including Covid-19 misinformation). This includes fake incident report submissions or intentional, false reports of rule violations are a violation.

    Stereo also does not permit fake or bot accounts, which includes accounts that are created to spam users with unsolicited content, offers or promotions. We may disable a user’s account if we notice the following activity:

    • Having multiple conversations from different profiles or having more than one account;
    • Repetitive or non-constructive conversations or audio; or
    • Any other type of activity which gives us a reasonable suspicion to believe that a user account is a fake or bot account.
  9. Intellectual property

    Using audio recordings or sharing audio recordings that violate or infringe someone else's copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights is prohibited. All original content a user shares on Stereo is owned by that user alone.

How To Report or Manage Violations or Harassment

If you see or hear something that you think violates these Guidelines, please help us keep the Stereo community a safe and respectful environment by reporting a violation directly in the app or by sending a message via the Contact Us page.

Evading Suspension

Creating a new account after being suspended will exclude you from any contest or promotions and can result in a permanent ban from Stereo.

If you have additional questions or want to provide more information related to a report inappropriate behavior, please submit this via the “Help” section to chat or send a message to the contact form here.