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AI is bullshit in terms of it being is some thing that should basically take over everything because like think of it this way people like capitalism grow grow grow let's only focus on growth but when you do that you destroy everything around you and eventually your whole system is going to fail too so then your growth well what was it all worth nothing because it got destroyed so it's like a I if you think they were only going to rely on AI you're literally gonna self implode you know you're going you're gonna destroy everything me out of whatever Especially think about this AI is programmed by humans humans are inherently imperfect and make dumb decisions themselves and make mistakes themselves so how can you ever expect AI to replace anything when it literally could inherently have like all these bugs and imperfections and stuff like yeah you can compute information use it as a tool or be creative with it whatever if you really want to rely on that and not check on it and not like I just think it's just It's just Like humans are bad enough why are we adding AI to the mix like let's not like do you want to use AI to help with some small task that you're doing that you know whatever it is your personal choice but replacing entire industries like AI is not like you know a button machine we're all it does is put in buttons to clothing you know like a eye is a thing that they're trying to do all these like exist
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