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Happy Monday the raiders strike still going strong WGA west and WGA east are still at the picket lines bright and early every day all day long and what I saw today on TikTok was really awesome people are in the community are supporting the writers when they are going out to the picket lines and giving them food and drinks and just being there in solidarity with them as well and I love to see that I love to see a community is coming together From different career paths and industries to support writers in Hollywood and also in that video I also saw a truck drivers were stopping and giving riders there Support you know I just it's it's always some thing to see how when people are standing up for their rights and standing up for what they deserve that people who are on the outside will also come and support and it's just it's amazing and it's especially important because you know film and TV Anything in the art industry and entertainment industry is so vital like this is literally what people consume to bring joy in their lives and things that they even like to do in their free time like that they may not even you know be a Hollywood writer but they love writing themselves and it's inspiring to them or it's just entertainment and they love that and this is art and entertainment was what makes a rock
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