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Because Lincoln parks album Meteora was having its 20th anniversary of my thoughts on Chester Bennington were renewed again the same thing happened with you know the 20th of hybrid theory and all of that in in the pandemic in general got me thinking about him but just you know in recent weeks I've really been thinking about them and it's just still seem so surreal that he's not here anymore and when I listen to the interviews with the other members of LINKIN PARK that are recent talking about Chester and talking about His life stories that they heard over the course of their friendship with him And and just all the stuff it's just like you don't you don't realize what people have been through and what they gone through and how much how deep how more deep it is than you knew but you knew it was deep you knew they were suffering but you don't really know how bad and you always start because somebody found a way to keep going that they would always find a way and end it it's just not Always true and it really sucks and and I miss him and honestly years ago when Lincoln park first became popular and I first became a fan Hyper they would come out and I never thought in 1 million years this would happen I I just I looked up to him and I looked up some Mike Shinoda because of my god he's like super cool
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