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Okay, so I wanted to give a little technique for my homies that struggle with OCD, particularly ROCD, and I've heard this can work with people who have BPD as well, but it's called opposite action. So if you have relationship OCD, a lot of the themes are often like obsessing over your partner and thinking that like you're not attracted to them or not wanting to hang out with them, not wanting to give them affection, that kind of a thing, and that can also apply to people with BPD when they're splitting and view somebody as like all bad and don't want to like give them affection or be around them or whatever. So opposite action is forcing yourself to do the thing that is like that your brain is telling you not to do. Of course like only do this when you know that it's just like an intrusive thought or whatever. But if I have a bad ROCD day and I'm like, I don't find my partner attractive, but I know it's my OCD and not actually me, I will make a point to compliment my partner. And like even though my brain is like telling me that there's nothing good about my partner or obsessing or whatever, I do the opposite of what it's telling me and that has totally decreased my intrusive thoughts so much. I barely get them anymore so I highly recommend trying that out because that is something that's really really helped me kind of like tamper down the ROCD a a lot. So yeah.
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