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I just wanted to share something that I noticed today. I always tend to kind of take on people's emotions or like things going wrong and somehow always think that it's tied to me. And today I just realized like that is so like not selfish but like grandiose of me to think that I can have such an impact on everybody and everything around me to where anything that goes wrong is linked back to me, if my friends are in a bad mood, that it must be my fault, etc etc. I always, for some reason, think that I am the cause of anything like bad or imperfect that's going on around me that's affecting people. And I was reflecting on this a little bit and I think it probably just comes from my childhood and like my family dynamic and being kind of like the peacekeeper or um always feeling like I was responsible for the people's emotions around me and like if I wasn't um like being perfect or like being emotional support then it was my fault because things would get out of control but I was just reflecting on that today and thinking like something like happened that didn't even have anything to do with me and I was like what if I caused that and it's like no I didn't cause that so that's just a weird thing to like reflect on I guess and notice that I'm doing that. Does anybody Anybody else do this?
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