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To the ladies keeping up with my cycle thinking journey I am in months to right now I have switched my diet not like 100% I've just added some more things that I needing as far as like minerals and nutrients so I can get those in I have changed how I work out as far as how I work out per each phase and honestly my last period was really smooth last me five days only had one heavy day I didn't cramp like that at all however I am getting headaches but I do think that's because of the supplements I've started to take and have stopped taken because I'm getting a surgery next month so just did not have any problems I'm not taking any supplements for the month But yeah it's been very good I do I really do highly recommend it's not something that you need to do you know do a complete 180 of your life right away it's something you could do gradually until you learn those better habits to work with your body you know
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