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Izzy 199d
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T⃤S⃤K⃤ Darren
Madison 197d
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Whenever I watch videos of fight, I think one of the two things one these motherfuckers can't fight ****** Not throwing punches ****** playing fucking patty cake. Like if you don't get your silly ass home, bro I came here to watch a fight. Where are the fisticuffs? These aren't fisticuffs your ass fucking out here Elevator up elevator down stupid ass ***** and then second of all, why don't you just kick his kneecaps? like It's so simple. It's a kneecap like i'm not asking you to do fucking roundhouse kick to his jaw Just a little tap on his kneecap make him lose balance and then you're in business like it's easy does from there You just gotta rape his ass
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bro you ever seen like small ****** fight or like just short people fight bro it's the worst thing ever bro them ****** are not throwing hands bro they're throwing motherfucking strokes at each other bro they're just trying to caress their cheek and shit bro like what is this you're throwing fingers like bro do better especially when like i see girls fight all the time and all you're doing is pulling hair like please bro do anything else like you're not actually punching the motherfucker in the face like you need to be like you're just trying to
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