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So y'all know how like black people don't like white people using AAV. I got a solution for that So they can't use AAV. How about we can't use WWE now maybe like what's that stand for world wrestling entertainment? You little comedian shut the fuck up bitch. That was a corny ass joke kill yourself. No, it means whitewashed ebonics And now if you know what ebonics is it's basically like slang or some shit I don't fucking know but something like that just take my word for it. So I've been thinking they don't use AAV We don't use WWE like, you know, you can't say you're barking up the wrong tree here pal or like You're on thin ice, bud. You know I'm saying so We're equal and we have the same amount of words We have one extra one though, but we don't talk about that one. But yeah, let me know what y'all think about this
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