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Tt 70d
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T⃤S⃤K⃤ Darren
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Skinny ****** piss me off, and specifically ones with a fast metabolism. Cause how you eat a whole ass goddamn pizza, wash it down with a diet coke, and you gain maybe .5 pounds, but if I do the exact same shit, I look like I'm auditioning for my 600 pound life on TLC. Like, what the fuck do you mean? What kind of bullshit is that, hmm? Somebody explain that logic to me, cause it make no sense to me, alright? And that's what make me piss off about them. Cause, and then they gon' look at me, talking about something, you just need to work out more. Uh, *****, no. You need to, uh, fuckin', gain some muscle with your twig ass. I can snap you in fuckin' half like a pocky stick, *****.
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