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Something that grinds my gears when you spend a bunch of money on a kid's birthday party, like your kid's birthday party, and people bring their kids obviously, but they just don't watch them. And then you're like running around trying to parent other people's children, which I don't like to do in the first place. But I have to stop them from being like mean to my daughter or my son, whoever's birthday it is, or trying to like take over the presence, like that it literally grinds my gears when they're like diving over and like trying to help open the presence that the birthday girl is supposed to be opening or the birthday boy is supposed to be opening and they're just trying to get like involved and I get it, they're just excited, but I'm like, as a parent you should step in and be like, okay, this isn't, come on, let's go because it's a down, like it's not for you today. Let's watch her open the presence or something instead of like letting her go full force like trying to help because it's it's not her day. I don't know. Like obviously kids are just excited they want to be part of it and I totally get that but as a parent that just spent like $300 on a birthday party and then for another kiddo to like jump in I'm like as a parent you should just like respect that. Like if we just spend a shit ton of money let her have her day.
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