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You guys are against your faces are you really don't want to do anything like I really don't want to do a lot right now that my body is like you need to like relax and just not ******* force anything at this point I'm like OK I'm done with forcing it I am over it like I was like another score and like no I'm not because I just feel like I'm forcing myself to do so much shit that I don't think it's even that for me anymore so let me know when you guys wake think if you ever feel you're forcing yourself to do something that is a part of mental health forcing yourself do you mean you really don't want to do so Just so you know let me know and if you do feel like forcing yourself don't force yourself let things flow that's why I'm learning I think it's a good like health thing that lake health like so like Finesser like food it's more but I just life life health mental health in general just don't force anything and just you know Said you who you are and let me know if you guys verify you have to force yourself to do something it's not fun
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