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So I am trying to limit the screen time for my son and he's actually been asking for baby shark more than he would with Mickey Mouse or Bluey so I do one of three things one I will tell him know like an after the third time I just stop paying attention and he'll forget about it he'll just walk away and then the second is If you want to watch something on TV I'll put something for him not some thing he wants with something that I feel like it's good for him and he'll won't watch it he'll just go play and then the third is if he wants to use like the iPad which he now knows how to like press the home button and go to YouTube which I put a password and I deleted YouTube so he just asked me to put it on but I won't let the iPad charge I don't know if it's bad for the iPad but I won't let it charge more than 10% so it just kind of dies on him and then he gets over it and he goes to play I don't know if these are bad habits but it's been working and yeah
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