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Okay, so half if not all the fun of drag race is the actual dragging of the Queens. So I gotta know Who do you love to hate this season? I have to say Lucy Leduca is up there for me with her whole I should have won Drama I'm like, oh my god. How do you not know that you're being a bitch? It's it's really entertaining. It really is Selena as titties has grown on me. I did not like her at first And I gotta say Lux is really, she really grinds my gears. She just, she knows she's pretty, but she's like her idea of herself is just, it's very high. You know, I wish we could all have that kind of self-esteem. That's what I think. As far as the Queens I love, you know, I talked about it on another post, but Sasha Colby, Anitra, like they're really doing it for me. I wish, there's no one that I love quite as much Willow-Pill, she was just my favorite and nothing of course, top season five ever in my life. But tell me what you think. I've talked too long. I digress. What do you think?
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