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Okay Drag Race season 15 is upon us. It has been upon us. Where have you been? Okay it's March 23rd. If you haven't watched last week's episode yet, spoiler Marsha Marsha Marsha went home. I'm so sorry we all cried a little tear and then it was over and we were like I'm okay with it. But I want to know who do you think is going to be the front runner of the season. I absolutely love Anitra. I think her drag is absolutely amazing. Obviously she can dance everybody's pants off Absolutely amazing, but I feel like she's not like Taking home the wins Slash of Colby on the other hand just slaying all the way through fantastic. I love her so much legend and Lux dude Lux is doing it. So I want to know who are your top picks? Who do we love? I'll do another post about who we don't love because I mean that's just half the fun right there, right? I think so.
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