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This is part two and I told my other sister that I am I really was not planning it because of that when she got my phone and she was looking through I was like I'm telling you girl like I was not planning to get drugged and then out of nowhere I can't breathe and I tell her like I can't breathe I can't breathe I need help I'm like I need air and then she called my other sister that was in the school putting report on the other girl on Catherine and then Malicious I came back and we quickly with a clinic in the chat trying to get me in by then I threw up in the lobby I love you and I really apologize like oh my God I'm so sorry they put me in a room really quickly and then oh Like I remember seeing I don't know if it was a nurse or a doctor I really really fuzzy memory and then I see her theme black out and like go static he and then I was like I need help I need air and I'm like help me they gave me an air tank and then I go she had to go to the ambulance and like chess for her to like primary Children's Hospital and then there they treated me I've been ridden poking my arm and I did not feel anything at all like nothing when I will try to sleep like the heart monitor thing whatever I was hooked up to me with that beeping like saying that was dying Like she was crazy I like in the hospital in the clinic I swear total of like 67 hours And like I didn't get home until like 7 PM officially because then I was at my aunts house once I was released from the hospital so yeah give me your opinions on it oh yeah
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