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OK sorry I'm a little sick from allergies attack me really good but anyways story time I need yawls opinion OK if I was my freshman year high school I'm married I'm now a junior/senior and I was out in Lunch and I decided to skip with my friends we're gonna call her Catherine and her best friend Addison so Catherine and Addison really cool let's go get food to my house and tell her that we were I went over to the house and they expect much of it I have no idea what they gave me if I just remember ask you I can have something to eat And then I like all my head back to class like I'm with you I'm gonna be late Then um I was like I remember seeing everything elongate all that I did not remember this being so far and then I see your thing like wobble ran everything well around and I was like oh hell no and then I see I see I see you like painting likes fission are they all hell no like I've been dragged And then oh I have nowhere I have a Gatorade in my hand and I let go of it because I guess it's too heavy and I'm in the phone somehow my other hand I had my phone and I didn't like of it and then I called my sister by Siri by asking her sister came in like 1015 minutes and then they went to go to the school Everything and I told my other sisters in the car
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