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All right, so I'm a physical disk person I've got it all the physical disks versions of the systems you can have all the disks jamming up my entertainment center like crazy person Call me old-school. I don't give a shit. I like go to my stuff physically The new Xbox Series X is not going to have a version with a disk drive, but it's gonna force you to Download all of your shit and I gotta tell you there's that's all well and good But everybody else anybody else have an ISP cap I can only do a terabyte of downloads a month and I don't know games are 150 gigabytes So if I download a game, what if I have to do it more than one? I mean, it's just ridiculous. No, give me the discs Not to mention that when you do install a game from disk, you still have to download 70 gigs of crap. So
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