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You know the truth they don't tell you about wanting to better yourself and separate yourself from the past Not forgetting the past but wanting to change to better yourself It's coming to the conclusion that no matter how hard you try no matter how hard you work There will always be obstacles people that will be in your way, whether it be work friends or other relations Sometimes you forget what's supposed to push you forward and to motivate your engine that keeps you moving I want you to know to take a breath Take a pause take a moment for yourself The world will always have people there Your family your friends will always have someone in their corner. Ask yourself. Who's in yours? In a relationship you're supposed to be able to communicate You're supposed to be able to express yourself without any judgment, but the judgment has already been cast For the lack of you doing to not doing enough but ask yourself Am I doing the most I can? Am I doing all that I can? And if you feel you are then you know you are and if you don't You will soon
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