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Hey hey hey what's good stereo is Friday in the building ha Fry yay yay it's Friday I don't know why I even say that because it really doesn't matter at work All day tomorrow and I go to school so I work two full-time jobs no skews me I work one full-time job one part-time job I go to school and I'm a full-time mother so that's a lot and a lot of people could couldn't even do that you know what I'm saying and a lot of people don't wanna do that anymore but I wouldn't have it any other way I love working hard for what I have it makes me feel good as a person that I don't have a government handing me stuff because I don't know I make too much money honey to get food stamps or any kind of assistance so I work for mine and I think that we all should and have a greater purpose you know what I mean and when times are troubling or you feel like you ain't gonna make it then you need to pray honey you need to pray you need to have a connection with your creator because that is who made you and that who is gun That is who is going to see you through all these situations so with that being said today's reading comes from Romans 12 and I'm reading from the new living translation version and it says all this is a verse 12 so it's Romans 1212 rejoice in your confident hope be patient in trouble and keep on praying amen yeah I don't even know I don't even know how good it feels to just be on this side and be up on the up and up you know what I mean I think we're so used to live in on a low frequency level and people just want to live and stay that way but we need to elevate as a people and if you agree with me chime in
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