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Bro, that neuro melanin, that shit you guys keep hearing about melanin in general, that's the shit that connects us all together. That's the shit that connects us to source, Mufugger. Neuro melanin is in the sunlight. They don't want you catching that sunlight. Why do you think they out here chemical trailing the whole fucking sky, Mufugger? Why do you think they doing that? They don't want you to realize your full potential. They don't want you to realize that you are God. Mufugger, why do you think they got you thinking you're human out here? Flesh, blood and flesh, you're not all that. You're a God, bro. Wake the fuck up and realize that yourself Nikola Tesla realized it Albert Einstein realized it so many motherfuckers I've realized that you realize it too motherfucker And if you don't believe what I'm saying, then you're just cutting your source off I'm you don't got to believe what you said what I'm saying you don't got to But that just goes to show that you are not worth having that title you are not worth having this power That's within you if you don't believe it yourself yourself. You know, wake the fuck up, follow for more.
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