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Joe Biden 333d
Joe Biden
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What's going on everybody, it's your girl B Fidesz here and I'm here with another episode of keep it off the social now Of course you guys Why do we judge so freaking much? Like in the black community y'all judge each other so fucking much. It's fucking ridiculous Like it's really it's really fucking sad that y'all went on this lady page Well, y'all comment on this post of this couple promoting their business Like and y'all act like y'all can't mind y'all's like half you motherfuckers a comment on here Don't even have shit going for yourselves first and foremost And if you do your shit must not be that motherfucking good because you sit up here throwing these people under the bus First of all, yeah, I want to say oh, well, she's too masculine. Where's her feminine energy? Oh my god, while some women in there talking about why is he with her? Fuck do you mean? Cuz she carries her own and that's how she's walking if you motherfuckers don't even realize that and look this is somebody coming from media school the camera angle First of all, the person that's recording their their actual marketing thing has the camera on the other side This is somebody in the audience that just just wanted to film them and they took that as well So a part of it is y'all worried about how she's looking too masculine next to her man But that's her man. Not Charles. I swear in this world nowadays Y'all all want to be just a light and it's fucking sad Y'all don't know how y'all y'all don't even have your own individual personalities and I really gonna need for y'all to go find it and a lot of y'all don't have that simply because the fact every Fucking time y'all get single The first thing y'all do is go find somebody else to fuck over instead of y'all sitting up there trying to find out who you Are as a person what the fuck is wrong with y'all? Y'all in here talking about she's too masculine. It's something about her fuck
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