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What do you guys think about internal conflicts of Russia I know a lot of people on the Internet saying it was staged but I disagree let me tell you why should this precaution right he was because the head of mercenaries he was put into very difficult situation where he had to take some action otherwise he would magically disappear Previously he was right of the Russia tried to get rid of him and his mercenaries you know there is a video YouTube video from month ago were the three Gorges literally screaming at Russian generals sugar in Gresham of asking for ammunition you know and in recent posts he said that the Russia try to get rid of them expose the Howcroft they are and I was just talked or a lot of shit about them And in response to his enough of his videos do you know the Russia declared that road is mercenaries would be would become part of the Russian military and they had to sign a contract which which would mean that because you would lose all of his power well and he probably would lose his life so he had to take some action so you want to Russia took over two cities and was able to make a deal deal which was really beneficial his armies were able to Have a multiple choices he himself meant to be the Russian this second reason is this showed a very very weak side of Russia rebellion if you wanna start rebellion rush it would be easy people of promotion military did not want to engage with wisdom it was it was awful it was awful Putin scrape on Russia is not as I know as tight as we thought as I thought at least yeah it's it's weakness Russia showed weakness its route is it's a bit bad
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