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So I have an admin of this but I'm really scared of a family of there was a period in this adult walkabout where all these idiots people were coming into Alcoholics Anonymous meetings from all over the world I just like disrupting them in addition to that so they did people would connect with me and then she never Erie way share like about the bananas in my fridge and tell me to eat them in certain ways that they would share about the medication's that I have in the house and tell me to take the bed know a lot about by mental health status to the point where it's like what are you how do you know all this stuff Add a life is invasive it off when I have like a bunch of a deal people doing that I think oh my God it repaired try to set me up a cat with somebody because they fluid a guru after my relationship is over with my ex add the group clearly was gay and I'm not down for that oh plus my mom just left my house add low-key set me a text message saying oh I didn't hug you because yesterday when I hug you you said oh why did you hug me well The point of all of this is that if you are a mother you know what to do with your child like if my child were six months ago I would've been there for my child I would've if I didn't have a job I'd be there but my parents still think like that they go with taught her all the lessons why should I do everything on the road the point is is that when you're going to transition it's like being a child to get it when you were a child again you did your parents or you need somebody that loves you and cuddles you you don't need masses of bad that what is sexualize you and what you don't put out that they won't help you with they'll ditch you
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