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Okay, who is watching the ultimatum queer love because Vanessa is a fucking monster. She's a narcissistic delusional crazy bitch and Everybody sees it. It's clear as day, but she fucking says At one point on the show that she's an Instagram influencer and she gets paid to make posts now this is her page. I thought it was like a fan account or like like a fake fucking account because there's no way someone who's on a show that's as popular as this that's on Netflix right now who claimed on television that they were a fucking Instagram influencer has 38 fucking followers but I looked it up and no that's her real fucking Instagram and so I'm like is this dumb bitch did she just make an impulsive lie in the moment and forget that she was mic'd? Because like that is such an easily disprovable lie that it's really embarrassing and I think it proves how insane she is. Because like you're on a Netflix series, you realize that everyone is going to instantly be able to disprove that. Even if you've been paid for a couple of posts, I'm sorry, at 3,800 followers, you don't get to say you're a fucking influencer. Plus, the show has been on TV for like a week at least. So you know she's gained at least a few hundred followers, at least from having been on the show, even though she is a monster and obviously the villain. So that's the number after the show has aired. How many fucking followers did she have when she was saying that she was an Instagram follower to Aussie on the show? She's a crazy bitch. She's a crazy fucking bitch. Meanwhile, Xander is on Instagram with 15,000 followers. So who the fucks the implements are now? Vanessa.
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