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Okay, I can't write now because like you know, he stopped talking to me anyways So my boyfriend like this like this one girl, you know, whatever that he used to talk to before we got together like these the flirtance Whatever these the flirtants like all the time like, you know, whatever like before we get together And you know, he's over here telling me I don't fuck with her like that This and not like I don't like her but he still talks to her and he liked to me about without outing her and blocking her on snap and I sat there and I was just like oh hmmm okay and I was just like okay I love you and she's like oh yeah I love you too this and that how are you gonna sit there and be like oh I don't fuck with her but then you're still gonna talk to her and flirt with her and then not tell me like ugh I should have went with your brother.
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