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Hi everyone I wanna ask question has anybody has ever I had a dream of aliens I only envision anything like that I'm just curious cause when was young I had a weird vivid dream night/day that's this topic was it because I had a dream of an invasion It was I felt so real this it was like somehow it was gonna come true because I'm ahead I'm thinking I wanna say that's not real and wasn't real until he found out we're not the only things in the universe to exist or life For example aliens we have seen aliens Like in different events in time From Roswell to 851 I always think that there is a higher being just us in this universe not God actual living ones Cause I always talk to myself no I want to wait we're not might be in the universe are alive I ask if you tell myself that because I always want to know will be like a live in space But I don't know that my own dream my dream was about this big giant size UFO clouds gone dark red lightning came up small UFOs coming down striking everyone how long is house is cities being destroyed
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