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So I've noticed recently a trend of artists who are dropping releasing short films as part of the album rollers and the shuffle kind of like tie-in to the album they'll be featuring music of course but it's not specifically like it's like a visual album I say I am I'll be more like her a story of his own narrative under the music kind of comes in as a soundtrack to to the story Different points and I think it's a great way to promote the almost think it's a great way to kind of like explore that connection between music and movies cause he's such a of a LinkedIn I would love to see more I was doing that and I think it's just is a great way to kind of connected in a bit better get a better understanding of what is the trying to do with the other one had to get across also like an album that I might not listen to you I will I'll be exposed to you because I will I'll be in feet by the show phone so I think it's a win-win all round and I love to hear you've got this was funny
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