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Yeah, so I just was watching Queen Charlotte and honestly, it's very relatable. Obviously, it's more than the head, but I just find that sometimes with Hollywood, they always want to portray a certain type of love, especially with Disney. And it's a cookie cutter, perfect. No troubles, no issues, type of love, you know, like you or if they did have issues, they'll fix it and then everything will smooth sailing from there. But that's not really what love is like. and you know what comes of loving a person long term can sometimes be you know mental health issues or mental illness or just illness in general and I love how Queen Charlotte was able to show that you know you can love someone who is going through certain things it's difficult it's hard it's even heartbreaking and you know lonely in Charlotte's case but it's possible and I really really really enjoyed that show that series and I'm looking forward to what else Bridget and will do because that was honestly very very beautiful but heartbreaking show.
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