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Okay, so those of you who don't know me, my name is Latifah Ne Boyd. I am from Charleston, South Carolina. I'm 23 years old. My birthday is April 26. I am the middle child. I have graduate school at 16 years old, did not go to college yet. But for me, it seemed like I had a troubled life. Like, my life has been hell. From 14 up until now, I've been dealing would a lot from homelessness to domestic violence, from abandonment, from hunger, from being raped, injured, from having sleepless nights walking around in the street because I'm scared to go to sleep. So those of you who do follow me, I I hope that you can learn and give me feedback and encouragement during my healing of mental mentality or mental state. This is not for sympathy. This is not for people to feel bad for me. This is what I overcame as a person by myself.
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