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So ladies this is just something on my mind that I thought of as a PSA to be very careful with cat fishing these days evidently it's gotten way more high-level and scarier than before so I don't remember who told me this but a guy did say a friend "" shared with him how he picked up girls and he catfish online without them knowing that they've been catfish so basically he spend time talking to a girl with a fake profile impersonating some really hot guy and he asked to meet her for a date so when the girl shows up to the date she's watching from outside what is her go in Then he goes somewhere near and kind of watches her weight and after about 3040 minutes of waiting for the guy the catfish guy never showed up right so the girls frustrated so the real dude comes up to the girl and approaches her and is like hey I see you been sitting here alone him or you meeting anyone and she'll say like oh no I am I'm good I can let you know I'm just waiting to be today he's late so this dude is playing off the back that he already set it up you know I mean so he's like oh that sucks well if he doesn't show up in the next like 10 minutes can I buy you a drink Of course the catfish is not going to show up because he's actually there as himself and she has no idea I hope you're following me and then he wins or over because he's already played off the fact that he's been disappointed and it is so manipulative it is so crazy I'm glad whoever told me this because it's like now the way I meet up with someone would be totally different than I would before you know I am I would always want to see someone's face and FaceTime there and you know talk before meeting for a date so ladies be careful and do to cause you mean I mean this could happen to you too but let me know your thoughts
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