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Um, do you still get embarrassed? Because I feel like at the age that I am now, I feel less and less embarrassed by things and I find them to be more and more comical. Like the other day I was digging through my bag and a tampon just like jumped out of my bag and in front of this guy I didn't know. And like I just laughed and then I put it back in my bag but I feel like maybe like 10 years ago I'd be like so embarrassed and I'd be like oh my god why did I do that I can't believe I did that but I just feel like I get less embarrassed now and I find things to be way funnier you know what I mean I'll just be like yep I just farted and that's just funny to me but I you know a few years ago I'd be like so embarrassed by that. I mean I don't do that often but you get it.
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