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Okay, so guys, whoever likes lore watches game theory, film theory, or whatever. I'm watching Frozen right now, and you know how it really is weird how Hans just randomly switched out of the blue with no motive? And the theory is that the Kristoff's little troll family had something to do with it. There was a shooting star that Anna and Hans wished on. I don't know if it's on all of them, but I'm watching Disney Plus. So maybe there's something that Hans or Anna wished for. Because Hans has no real reason to turn against Anna because, because, because, um, Elsa didn't want the throne anyways. Elsa would have gone out the throne and he would have been king. He would have been the next, Anna would have been the next online for, for Cornish, for whatever. And they would have became them. Like you know what I mean? If you follow, if you, if you're a Disney fan or whoever, just let me know your thoughts please.
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