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So this app has a lot of young people on it. So I'm gonna go ahead and do this. Save y'all some time. For anybody that's under 21, or I can say under 23, matter of fact under 25, and you're looking for what you need to know in life, I'll say this, find your motherfucking passion. Cause your passion will keep you out of these jobs and it keep you from doing and trying to hold out of shit that you don't really need to do, wasting a lot of time, find your passion, all right? This is how you know if you found your passion. It's something that easily comes to you is natural Like you don't have to force it you do it with ease you love doing it It's something that realistically you can get paid for doing right, but you do it for free When you do it for free, do you know you must really love doing this shit and you passionate about it other than that You ain't gonna do it for free. So to save you some time as a young person I'm telling you find your passion figure out what it is dial in and take that shit take that shit serious and go to the next level with it.
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