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So as I was staying in the scary story time part one left off on where the doctor came in and gave him some medicine for his 102.3 fever well that same doctor came back in and said that everything was normal that it was normal for him to projectile vomit like that and it was normal for him to be running a fever and it was normal for him to be uncomfortable well the doctor had the audacity to tell me that if he was running 105 fever that he would not be concerned and he wouldn't do anything for it So they didn't test him for anything so we didn't have a like a diagnosis of what he has or what he had so after that I was really irritated I didn't say anything because I did not want to go to jail but the next morning I did call the state and I reported them to state and they will be under investigation for what they said about my son I am and this is not the first time this is happened with the same hospital when I was pregnant with my daughter Something similar happened but if y'all want to hear that story time I will come Record that story time if y'all want to hear it so just let me know if you want to hear it and yeah if anyone else has ever gone through this please let me know because that was scary and very frustrating
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