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Tell me your most recent impulse that you acted on. This wasn't recent but one time I was in line at Guitar Center and then the phone started ringing and I was like imagine if I just answered the phone and then I answered the phone and I was like thank you for calling Guitar Center how may I help you and the guy was like hi do you guys have guitar lessons and I was like oh sir I'm so sorry but actually at this time we don't have guitar lessons yeah we actually had a term I infestation and the guy who gives the lessons actually got bit he's in critical Condition right now. It's a very tragic what happened the doctors are still trying to figure out what happened Like these are some pretty holy young termites or something because they did something You're gonna have to call a priest in there like it was really crazy, but yeah Let me get back to you on that sir like would you would you mind leaving your name and number? Because we are trying to get back into the program We are trying to give people that opportunity to really learn because you know here at guitar center We're really passionate about you know guitars and centers and and learning So if you can leave your name and number and I was like no wait I didn't say if you can leave your name and number I was like if you can call back in 10 minutes, then we can take your name and number and This dude was so insisting. He was like well. Can I just leave it now? I was like no sir call back in 10 minutes So you know somebody who actually works there can answer but he was so fucking persistent resistant I was like, okay, sir go ahead leave me your name and number and then he left me his name is number and yeah like It was left in my brain and It was left in that fucking moment because I fucking forgot and I didn't write this shit down. I I don't fucking work there, what the fuck?
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