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So I do this check and then I stopped eating this chick arm and then and she was mad that we weren't dating anymore it was weird thing and so I went and I did the show and it was a pirate themed show there's like three bands and they're all dressed as pirates and after the show when he was on the second floor and I'm out on the balcony and the boys are down oh I'm loading up the gear there's just a bunch of pirates everywhere down below the balcony right and then all of a sudden all of these jocks show up and start fighting with the Pirates and I recognize some of them they were friends of my ex girlfriend in the balcony next to me to the right she comes out and just start smiling she had like orchestrated this like alleyway gang fight And I was like what the hell is going on and she just smiled and laughed anyway it was a weird thing that happened on tour So weird
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