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If this video has reached you, it is important for you to stop scrolling. This message is for you and it is important for you to hear. When people talk negatively about us, it is important to remember that their words are a reflection of their own insecurities and fears. It is usually due to their conditioning and projection. It can be challenging at times to not take these comments personally. But it is crucial to remember that our own worth and value come from within us, not from the opinions of others. Instead of reacting with anger or hurt, it is important to approach these situations with compassion and understanding. We can send love and light to those who speak ill of us, knowing that this stems from their inner struggles and inner turmoil. Ultimately, we have the choice to choose how we respond to the negativity. focus on our own self-worth and strength trust and know that you are heavily protected and guided stay true to yourselves by living authentically transmute negativity from others to positivity and keep shining bright in your own light and by this it can also leave a good examples for those around us take care
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