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BEST NEWS PRESENTER AWARD 2021 Wow! truly blushing by your amazing support, has been a rocky ride. Nerdy Medicine & science-loving cunning linguist #LGBTQ with 30yrs in finance/investment and former BBC journo, love motorsport, riding motorbikes, dogs, tech gadgets, hobbyist hacking, politics & economics grad, 16 months Long Covid sufferer pls visit #bekind
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Real Repartee
37 01:22:31
Vaccines, Variants and Vice
7 16:24
Happy Sunday.
27 01:09:55
Real Repartee
33 01:12:47
Open Talk
0 02:06
PEG the missing ingredient in your Alien Jab
0 01:03
Game time with CAQ! PSYCH Code: lets carp
9 07:10
Soundcheck for Hilary
3 01:02
Should we take the vaccine?🤔
4 07:39
Moneypenny's SERIOUS Update COVID-19 and You
32 01:47:26

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