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I am Melvin Spiel from Melvin's Madhouse , also known as the Jingle Master. 🎶 I'm currently living in an alternative reality, in a parallel universe. ⭐ Join Melvin's Madhouse and follow me on instagram! ⚠️ if you would like your very own jingle check out
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Melvin and Maonk's musical meet up
90 01:20:32
Nice words with melvinspiel
10 37:12
Melvin and Maonk's Musical Meet Up
71 01:19:48
The Ragtime
23 49:17
Coffee and a sing song
26 01:03:16
Melvin Spiel Meets Positive Mama
35 01:33:07
Melvin and Maonk's Musical Meet Up
148 02:07:09
Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
26 01:11:09
43 12:07
Top 5 guests at your wedding and funeral pt 2
25 02:00:28

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