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Eväshe, call me Eva 😉. Your friendly neighborhood nerd. ♍ Virgo. Software engineer 👩🏾‍💻. Tell me about your relationship problems, or how you're getting the bag 💰. I'm from Tennessee...yes I have heard the pick up line....I will swipe if you say it. Dogecoin believer and yo mama joke enthusiast. Future digital nomad. Bisexual, happily single and occasionally NSFW. "You look like a high astronaut Willow Smith"
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Gee Han, Meera nam N hain
Jun 27, 11:00 PM
Guess who!
Open Talk
20 01:08:51
Open Talk
1 03:37
"As a black community, what do we need"?
42 01:46:17
How do you define a true close friend?
18 55:27
Open Talk
15 52:37
What’s happening I’m meeting up with my girl Eva
14 01:01:20
Let's play among us!
83 03:09:47
AMONG US. LETS PLAY I need more people
1 06:43
How's ya heart chakra? Meditation bowls
12 01:06:57
Meditation bowls + chakra talk
12 47:31

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