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š“…“š‘¹Ģ…Ģ²š’†Ģ…Ģ²š’—Ģ…Ģ²š’†Ģ…Ģ²š’“Ģ…Ģ²š’”Ģ…Ģ²š’†Ģ…Ģ²į“”Źœį“‡É“ į“€ į“”į“į“į“€É“ā¤ļøŽŹŸį“į“ į“‡sā¤ļøŽį“€ į“į“€É“
38 ā€¢ 01:31:46
šŸŽ™Õ”Õ°Ņ½Õ² ā±­ ā±®É‘Õ²šŸ«€lÕ“Ńµs ā±­šŸ’‹į™ŽÖ…ŹÉ‘Õ²
33 ā€¢ 01:08:54
Open Talk
68 ā€¢ 01:58:12
šŸ‘‘KCšŸ‘‘: Men-handling Negative Narratives
76 ā€¢ 01:28:23
šŸ‘‘KCšŸ‘‘: Men-handling Negative Narratives
27 ā€¢ 10:37
Do You Really Know How To Love? ā¤ļøšŸ’‹ā¤ļø
80 ā€¢ 03:40:30
White Moms Raising Black Children:
15 ā€¢ 03:30
Open Talk
117 ā€¢ 05:46:40
Black Men Hate Black Women? šŸ™šŸ¾ā€ā™‚ļøšŸ’”šŸ™ŽšŸ½ā€ā™€ļø
8 ā€¢ 05:14
A man should be a provider ā˜ŗļøšŸ’µ
86 ā€¢ 02:00:45

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