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Teen + Parent FAQs

Stereo 101

What is Stereo and how does it work?

Teens were not previously allowed on Stereo. What has changed?

Why can't teens talk live on Stereo like 18+ users do?

What is the minimum age for using Stereo?


How can teens manage their privacy on Stereo?

How does Stereo use the information it collects about teens?

What else does Stereo know about teens?

Does Stereo share information it collects about teens?

Can teens delete the information Stereo collects about them?


How can teens take action against bullying or harassment on Stereo?

What can teens do if they’re having thoughts about suidice or self-injury?

What can teens do if they’ve heard someone talk about suidice or self-injury on Stereo?

Where else can I find information teen safety on Stereo?

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