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Teens on Stereo

Welcome to our Teens on Stereo page!

Find more information on Teen Resources and Teen & Parent FAQs

Stereo is a platform that gets you talking – literally. By using your voice, you can share your perspective – and listen to others’ – about different topics through voice notes called posts and live Talks.

We know that maintaining and promoting healthy conversation is important to keeping everyone safe on Stereo, which is why our team works hard to build age-appropriate experiences and enforce our Community Guidelines across the app.

Here you’ll find information for teens and parents about our app features, tools, policies and best practices to keep in mind so that you or your loved ones can have a great experience on Stereo.

We look forward to growing this section of our website over the coming months with new educational content and relevant updates. In the meantime, check out the resources below.

Teen Resources

Stereo 101

Etiquette: What’s expected of me on Stereo?
What are Stereo posts?
What are Talks?
What are direct messages?
Direct messages: best practices
Who can I interact with on Stereo?
What’s not allowed on Stereo?

Bullying & Harassment

Our team is dedicated to keeping Stereo a safe and positive place. We prioritize conversation over content and want to bring “social” to social media in the process. So bullying and harassment contradict what we’re about – and are not tolerated in any form.

We know that people may define these behaviors differently based on their own experiences, so we want to be super clear: bullying and harassment include any conduct that can be expected to offend, humiliate, embarrass or intimidate someone. Doxxing, or behavior that reveals or threatens to reveal personally identifiable information of someone else without their explicit permission or participation, also falls under these categories.

If someone is bullying or harassing you, report their post, profile or Talk to us — and talk to your parent, guardian or a trusted adult about it.

You can also block that person or exit that post where bullying is taking place.

Instructions for how to use Stereos’ reporting and blocking tools can be found under “Reporting”.


We care about our members, and do not allow content or interactions that support, depict, encourage or promote acts of physical or mental harm – for example, cutting, eating disorders, or suicide.

If you are having thoughts about suicide or self-injury, call local emergency services if you are in physical danger.

If you're going through something troublesome or difficult, and the threat isn't immediate, please know that there are things you can do that may help. If you need someone to talk to or ever consider self-harm, we encourage you to contact one of the free resources below:

As a quick note: we also understand the importance of mental health and how open conversation can help in removing the stigma associated with these challenges. Keeping this in mind, we do allow members to talk about suicide and self-injury in a way that helps raise awareness about these issues.

If you’d like to talk about these topics, take a moment to reflect before doing so. Ask yourself why you’d like to post this on Stereo, consider how it could make you or others feel (could it be triggering to someone struggling with this right now? Or to you?) and remember that it can be difficult to take something back once it has been shared.

Threats, violence and harm against others

We’re all about talking on Stereo and it’s important to remember that words matter.

Promoting or encouraging violence, illegal activity or dangerous behavior is not allowed on our app. This includes intimidating or threatening to harm anyone or their property.

Sexually explicit content

Nudity is also not allowed on Stereo and we don’t allow explicit sexual content that is not for the purpose of education or discussion.

We report any instances of child sexual exploitation to authorities. Never post or send sexually explicit content involving anyone under the age of 18 — even of yourself.


Reporting behavior and/or profiles that violate our Community Guidelines helps us make Stereo a safer, more welcoming place – and we appreciate it when people let us know that something isn’t right. So if you hear something, say something by reporting it to us.

You can report anything you see or hear on Stereo at any time by following the steps below:

  • Tap “...” on a post, DM or profile
  • Select “Report”
  • Let us know the reason for your report

All reports are anonymous, so we will never let the person you’re reporting know that you’re doing so. After a report is submitted, our team will investigate and take action based on what we find. This can mean removing a post or reply, issuing a warning and disabling an account for a period of time, banning an account entirely and more.

All of our Community Guidelines matter. But there are some that we’d especially like to call out for our teenage members.

Suspected Self-Harm

Our #1 goal at Stereo is to provide a safe space where everyone can talk in a healthy and positive way, so the well-being of our members is incredibly important to us.

If you hear that someone is talking about considering suicide or self-harm, please report this to our team as soon as possible.

As a quick reminder, your report will always be anonymous. Letting us know when someone may need help will aid us in flagging and prioritizing this report in our system so that we can offer support – but we will never inform the person you’re reporting.

False Reports

Submitting purposely false incident reports to our team makes it harder for us to focus on real reports.

If you’d prefer not to interact with someone on Stereo, just block them by following the instructions below:

  • Go to their profile page
  • Tap “More Options (⋯) on the right side, beneath their avatar
  • Select “Block”

We won’t let them know that you blocked them. Plus, you can unblock them at any time by visiting your Privacy & Security settings.

Privacy + Security

Your account belongs to you, and you get to choose the information you want to share with Stereo by using our privacy settings.

In addition to your privacy settings, it’s also important to remember to safeguard your personal login information so that only you can access your account.

Default settings

Since Stereo is a social app, your default settings help you discover new, age-appropriate conversations and allow others to similarly discover what you have to say.

Managing your settings

If you’d like to change your privacy settings, we recommend consulting with a parent or trusted adult before doing so.

  • Go to your profile by tapping the icon on the bottom right of your screen
  • Tap “More Options (gear icon) on the right side, above your avatar
  • Select “Privacy & Security”
  • Adjust your settings based on your preferences

These settings can be changed at any time.

Safeguarding your login information

Your Stereo account belongs to you. That’s why we verify the phone number associated with your profile every time you log back in via SMS.

To help keep your login information safe, it’s important that you never share your SMS verification code with anyone.

Communicating with our team

How will you know if any of these features, policies or best practices change?

Stereo is constantly evolving and improving, and we will be sure to notify you of any major changes in the app via notification, modal or DM.

Contacting us

If you have additional questions, our team is here to help.

The fastest way to get in touch is by messaging us in the app. Just follow the instructions below:

  • Go to your profile by tapping the icon on the bottom right of your screen
  • Tap “More Options (gear icon) on the right side, above your avatar
  • Select “Help”
  • Tap “Chat with Support” and let us know how we can help

You or your parent can also reach our team by filling out the form here.

Teen + Parent FAQs

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How can teens take action against bullying or harassment on Stereo?
What can teens do if they’re having thoughts about suicide or self-injury?
What can teens do if they’ve heard someone talk about suicide or self-injury on Stereo?
Where else can I find information about teen safety on Stereo?
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